Updated: June 25 2015

  • At Roskilde Festival coding live visuals for the Gloria stage. Look out for the visual show I am making for We Like We together with Stina Resting and Bo Thorning.
  • Working on light installation for Trailer Park festival with Bo Thorning and VR installation for The Borderland with Apollo Lee Adama and Aleks Delta.
  • Coding an artistic data visualization of the UK's tides together with Tania Kovats.
  • Coding an installation for Vallensbæk Kulturhus with Obscura.
  • Helping Teater Værk use tracking for their childrens doll theater.
  • Planting a garden on Illutron.
  • Coming up in 2016: Theater piece about high speed trading with Kristian Husted, Sean Mcintyre and more. Dance piece Stereo with Recoil Performance Group.
  • Interested in new projects from late October 2015.