I work with technology, mostly in artistic or cultural contexts. I am an artist, a programmer, a designer and a maker. I love when what I do is either something I can hold in my hands or has a social or cultural impact, preferably both.

I think about new meaningful interactions with technology and help entrepreneurs, artists or designers with creative technical solutions. I take part in the creative design process, mocking up possible solutions, rapid prototypes, informed by technical possibilities. I also design and develop finished custom solutions for events, exhibitions, installations and other types of interactive media.

I am a skilled programmer and work with tools such as openframeworks, processing and arduino. I have a background as a full stack web developer and unix admin and thus solid experience with web technologies. I have worked in broadcast and the events industry with large scale video productions and have a lot of knowledge about things like projection mapping, tracking, rendering workflows, video hardware and signal processing. I have worked with interactive installations at museums and festivals ranging from large scale audiovisual installations to small personal interactions. I work with everything from the concept development to the physical construction and assembly of electronics.

I am based in Copenhagen Denmark, where I am a member of the collaborative interactive art studio Illutron and a cofounder of the hackerspace Labitat. I have an incredible network of skilled people that I collaborate with, whenever my skills are insufficient, the project is grand or I just need company.

My work ranges from the very concrete and technical to the abstract and expressive. I enjoy both the technical and the creative challenges, and I find it meaningful to work iteratively going back and forth between creative ideas and technical prototypes. I mostly work with programming but I also enjoy visiting the workshop to do woodworking, blacksmithing, electronics or various types of digital fabrication.

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I am always interested in new exciting projects and collaborations.

Write me at public [at] johan [dot] cc.