Kali Linux and Metasploit with Docker

Getting started guide

Spend some time setting up Kali linux with docker on OS X. There is plenty of good guides out there, but still stumbled a lot on the way. Here are the most important commands it boiled down to for me.

Docker is this really cool way of making containers for software. It's kind of like virtual machines but much more lightweight and efficient. More fun.

$ brew install docker

$ brew install boot2docker

Create the vm

$ boot2docker init

Start the vm

$ boot2docker start

Run a kali linux image, you can find one on docker hub. There are some with metasploit included already. I started out from this one.

$ docker run -t -i pandrew/kali

Install metasploit using apt-get, will automatically get dependencies, e.g. postgresql

$ apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
$ apt-get install metasploit

Run metasploit

$ msfconsole

To commit(save) changes to your image and continue off where you left next time. First exit your image then use $ docker ps to get the container id.

$ docker ps

Commit the container id to an image name of your choice.


Continue where you left off

$ docker run -t -i YOUR_IMAGE_NAME