The Tree

Interactive Light installation for The Borderland

The Tree is currently being set up as a permanent installation in the swedish village of Hjo. Rad more at

Designed and build together with Malin Bobeck, Carl Bärstad and Henrik Blennow.

The Tree was placed in the outskirts of the Borderland a place of refuge to contemplate and find a moment of bliss in the midst of a wild festival. We found an old dead and black tree and climbed up to fit it with new animated leaves made of fiber optics.

We created our own arduino compatible LED modules with 3W LEDs constant current drivers and attached fiber optic bundles for the project.

I put the arduino code and files for producing cases and electronic circuits on github:

Big thanks to Denya Blas, Anna Büchling, Jonas Stampe and Yann Houlberg Andersen for volunteering to assist with the production.