Black Path

3D Live Visuals Application

Dark Matters contacted me with a proposal to create a VJ'ing application centered around 3D models. Traditionally VJ'ing apps are based heavily around linear 2 dimensional clips. Those clips can be renderings of 3D objects but in the live situation what can be altered is in the the 2 dimensional realm, you will see cross fades, effects, mixes, scrobs and filters but no live content will be inherently 3D.

In a few weeks we created a prototype with openframeworks that we premiered for When Saints Go Machine's live show in Vega.

The application enables you to go on a trip in a tiled 3D landscape. You can control camera angles live and change textures on the objects in the scene. A traditional VJ application can be used to create content that can then be applied as textures through syphon.

Code on github:

Dark Matters collected some images here.