Networked LED fixtures

The city of Esbjerg in Denmark was opening up a new section of their harbour and was throwing a big city festivity to launch it. They contacted us because they wanted an experimental light installation in the big forest surrounding the amphitheater stage where the main events would take place. Together with Obscura we created a custom networked LED fixture, that we would be able to control centrally with a video input. We needed to make it sturdy and waterproof to survive the rainy storms that are frequent in Esbjerg and at the same time it needed to be convenient and quick to set up with only about a days preparation for the event on site.

Each unit is comprised of a peli case, waterproof and sturdy, with a switch, a powersupply and a raspberry pi. Client and server is programmed in c++ using openframeworks. The server takes a syphon input and split it into a list of pixel data send to individual units.

The code is at https://github.com/mrbichel/leafLed

Documentation, todo:

  • SPI on the pi
  • Using fabric and zeroconf for deployment across pi's
  • RPI-clone for image cloning
  • Aesthetic choices
  • Hardware choices

More images here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/obscuranet/sets/72157634895512639/with/9420778967/