Gloria 2013

Mapping, light and visuals for the intimate Roskilde stage

Again this year I had the opportunity to work together with the Obscura team on the visuals and light for the Gloria stage at the Roskilde festival.

This year we had the opportunity to collaborate closely with the light team and make the light and visuals work very well together. We had a setup with 9 Sharpy lamps. These lamps are notable for their 0 degree halo, causing it to be hard to see where the beam actually starts. It is like a line of light through the room.

More images on flickr:

Documentation todo:

  • Sharpy's hitting the same spot in the room
  • Share some code
  • Programming, SHarpy's
  • Programming generative sketches in openframeworks
  • Signal pipeline python textures and the different software we use
  • lemur, touch osc, Ipad
  • Robot cameras
  • Projector setup
  • Video material