Flock Noise

An idea for a project.

The installations consist of a number of spheres (~five) that roll freely around the festival area as they are pushed by the wind or by festival attendees. As they sweep across the festival area they will generate a chaotic soundscape and at night dynamic lights will illuminate the sails. The spheres will have a number of prepared guitar and harp strings suspended within them. The meaning of prepared is that external objects are placed in between the strings in order to alter the timbre and tone colour. As people push the spheres around or the sails catch the wind the musical composition will change. The spheres will have different ways of playing the strings, one can produce tone clusters, one can randomly pluck at the strings and another could sweep or scrap across them. At day the triangular sails suspended in the spheres will cast ever changing geomtric shadows on the ground

Construction details

The spheres will be constructed from wood or steel tubing, probably the latter as it will be more rigid and can tolerate some level of festival vandalism. The base shape is a geodesic dome. Piano strings, sails and lights will be suspended in the frame. Sails will probably be made from pieces of recycled white sailcloth, the lights will be tubes with RGB LEDs controlled from an arduino board, a michrophone will make the light change with the motion and sound of the spheres. The spheres will be sized in human dimensions. The largest being slightly taller than a large person and the smallest being as tall as a kid.