DR On-Air Looks

Generative, Automated, Visual Identity for the Danish Broadcast Corporation

In collaboration with the in house design- and marketing departments and continuity I worked as a consultant on the technical implementation of new on-air looks for the Danish BroadCast Corporation (DR) in connection with the relaunch of DR2 and the introduction of the new channels DR3 and DR Ultra. DR is the largest electronic media enterprise in Denmark and reaches about 80% of the population every week. I worked together with a small team comprised of Martin Bollerup, Jonas Jongejan and myself.

The design department had created an ambitious draft for the new airlooks. Highly dynamic and generative compositions with rendering requirements that increased the capabilities of the live rendering servers in continuity. Thus a new setup was created with automated renderings of after effects compositions programmed in javascript and directly hooked up to the relevant program databases.

I especially worked with the on-air look for DR2, which has a series of generative compositions with unpredictable outcomes.

In addition to the scripting of after effects we also created an interface to help the marketing department plan, preview and render all spots and trailers. We named it "Give Me A Break" (GMAB). GMAB is a tool that links the broadcast planning tools with the design options in the after effects compositions. It enables you to preview trailers, spots, credits, idents and other marketing items on the program, set in an out points for speak, adjust signs and so on. It also connects directly to rendering and continuity. Allowing marketing editors to mark something ready and have the rendered file automatically send to broadcast.