Badge Lab

Developing a Federated Badge System at Mozilla Drumbeat

The second day of Drumbeat festival in Barcelona I spent most of my time at the Badge Lab code sprint helping out finalizing a working demo of a federated badge system. The backpack and the hub is available at Github.

Thumbs up during the Badge Lab presentation at the end of the day.

Drumbeat Barcelona: thumbs up from Henrik Moltke on Vimeo.

An incredible group of skilled people worked hard on the project: Dan Mills, Ho Trang, Ana Carvalho, Carlo Frinolli, Ryan Merkley, Joshua Gay, and Paul Osman among others did an amazing job finalizing the demo and shooting a short video showcasing the project with a nice touch of humor.

Badge Lab last minutes HackingLast minute hacking

The federated badge system developed during the Badge Lab might aspire to solve a problem of allowing small institutions, e.g. small internet based educational groups to have a way of passing out certificates that students can embed on their webpage and are easy to validate for third parties.