Drumbeat upcoming

Going to Mozillas festival on Learning, Freedom and The Web

With the help of a 250 USD travel scholarship from Mozilla I just arrived here in Barcelona yesterday evening a few days before the upcoming Drumbeat festival. The festival, hosted by Mozilla is about Freedom, Learning and the Web.

Mozilla sums it up this way:

The open nature of the internet is revolutionizing how we learn. Mozilla's 2010 Drumbeat Festival will gather teachers, learners and technologists from around the world who are at the heart of this revolution. Join us in Barcelona for three days of making, teaching, hacking, inventing and shaping the future of education and the web.

There is a ton of stuff going on at the festival and I still only have a vague idea what I will be doing, but I am confident it will be a lot of fun. About 400 people from all over the world will be coming, 400 people sharing the same mindset of openness, sharing and collaboration. In particular I am interested in what Hastac wil be hosting at storming the academy, revolutionizing our educational system the peer to peer way. I think educational reform allowing new more open and dynamic forms of education to give students some sort of accepted verification of their skills is really important for open peer to peer education to go further.