Simple HIFI amplifier

Amp6-Basic based do it yourself

Almost a year ago I soldered up a pcb and ordered parts for putting together a small simplistic HIFI amplifier. Just recently I rediscovered the old project and finally got around to complete it.

The amplifier is based on the amp6-basic 2 x 25 W chip amp from 41hz connected to a standard switch mode power supply. It's supplied only with a mini-jack input since thats what my ipod, phone and mac use anyway. A DACT Type 23 50K stepped attenuator acts as volume control. I put it all together in an anodized aluminum chassis with a 10mm custom frontplate that i found on an Italian enclosure webstore.


I cut out the various holes in the back and frontplate using regular twist bits and flat wood bits on a column drill. I finished off the non round cutouts using a file. I ended up using a few hours with a dremmel to cut out the frontplate for the volume knob because I didn't have a wide enough drill bit around. It turned out quite rough but I tried to use it as a design feature engraving the whole frontplate with the dremmel. I also mounted a blue LED as an on-off indicator, with a rather large resistor 13K Ohm to avoid it illuminating my whole room at nighttime.

I supply the amp6-basic with about 14 V which it can easily handle if it's rather efficiently cooled. I mounted it to an aluminum plate in the side of the chassis furthest from the SMPS with cooling paste on the back of the chip. The power cables are wound around a large ferrite which should in theory reduce the noise.

The expenses add up to around DKK 1500 (~EUR 200). I am using the amplifier with two small Dali speakers and I am very satisfied with the overall sound quality.