Getting further with bamboo

Along with ten other wonderful projects i was accepted for the next round in the Design for an Eco-friendly Community architectural competition about sustainable bamboo constructions.

With no experience as an architect i have come along way. From believing bamboo resists gravity, to actually understand the materials properties in the real world. I have read a great deal about bamboo, its structural properties and different uses. Bamboo is the steel of nature, and the ways in which it can be used continuously amazes me.

For my project i have worked mainly with woven bamboo. Sophisticated weaving techniques allows you to weave bamboo in all imaginable shapes. For the framework i utilize heat bended bamboo. The structure positioned in the treetops of the jungle is supported by long structural elements of four black bamboo canes connected with steel knobs. The structural elements are mounted in a concrete foundation in order to avoid moist damage to the canes. Several of the elements are inspired by the prototypes presented by Bamboo Lab a research project on bamboo as a building material.

I have tried to investigate more sophisticated ways of handling bamboo in order to showcase its potential as more than a Tiki Hut material but a beautiful element in contemporary architecture.