Virtual Moves is Open Source

Documentation and source code for exhibition at the National Gallery of Denmark

This friday we had the last reception on the Danish National Gallery where the final two artworks were launched. I have spend some time organizing and refining the scripts which i have developed for the installations in Second Life. Jacob Sikker Remin submitted his work in Arduino and Processing for memory SLot. I have encouraged all of the artists to submit there own work as well.

memory SLot

The source code for memory SLot serves as a great example on establishing communication from Second Life to a microcontroller through LSL, PHP, Processing and Arduino. In memory SLot we use this connection to switch on and off two light bulbs from Second Life. The source code can also teach you about physics, media streaming, particles, sound and more within SL. View now!

Keep in touch

In Keep in Touch we use the physics engine of SL to make independent objects follow avatars around. The Source can among other things give an insight on how to utilize sensors, rez objects, use media streaming, and establish dynamic communications between objects. View now!


I hope you can use the code somehow. And i would love to hear, if you have utilized it for something interesting. If you would like to look into other assets as textures, primitives, etc. - Just ask!