From Blogger to Wordpress through Radiant CMS

After many problems with my Radiant Installation on my Ruby on Rails container at Media Temples grid service i have decided to dump the development of the Radiant Site and i have gone with Wordpress instead. I really like Radiant CMS and its simple and logical structure, it has a sort of grace. As do Ruby. But i found myself unable to solve the problem that would sometime cause my Radiant site to display nothing but a 502 Error.I sought help on the mailing list but got no answer so far. And (mt) gave poor support on the subject. I know of workin Radiant installations on (mt)s (gs) are out there, and i would very much like to use radiant for future projects. So if your the one with a healthy installation i would very much like to hear how you did it!For now im off with wordpress which i am very satisfied with, but it certainly doesn't have the grace of ruby and radiant, however there is an enormous community to seek support from, not to mention the wide selection of plugins and themes. just works!