Gridserver at Media Temple

Lately i have been looking for a new host, that would give me more flexibility and performance in order to experiment with web applications. My first project is to evolve which i moved to the gridserver from my old host.

Currently my idea is to make Accident Designs more of a personal brand covering what i am. Instead of the corporate Second Life focus its has now. My main expertise will still be Second Life, ad least for a while until i get better at something else.

With the website i am experimenting with freemind as the structure of the site. Through a flashviewer my vision is to merge it with a cms and create a simple site build around the mindmap including a blog. This blogger blog or perhaps directly hosted within the cms. This is my thoughts right now but i don't seem near a solution yet so the old site will still be available at

If you have feedback on the new site, i would love to hear from you!