SEO in Second Life

With new and very much improved search in Second Life, SEO will get a whole new meaning within this virtual world. Now objects on parcels can be listed with title description and even price if set for sale. This will also redefine commerce. Now networked web integrated vendor systems as apez and onrez systems are widely popular. But none of the objects sold through theese systems will be indexed by the search engine. Perhaps the such services can span Search Engine Optimizing through rezzing example objects for sale from the inventory.server used on grid.

The new search really ads some possibilities to get yourself indexed in varius ways and it ads a new meaning to the way content is managed in Second Life. Suddenly it matters what you name each prim in a project you want indexed.

Search also creates some prim specific issues since for each prim oriented entry you would need to rez it, and keep it rezzed. Perhaps there would be future possibilities to SEO without the need to use unwanted prims.

The new search is definetly a huge improvement and i am looking forward to have SEO in SL as a point of focus in my next project.