Building Lab and Second Life

I recently gave a lecture on Second Life at Building Lab DK. They have been involved in U_Build, a project that unites the construction and the game industry and utilizes user-driven innovation and dialog. Among the collaborators are Mutopia and IO interactive. IO has technology that would be able to support an interactive platform. Technology that is mature in relation to the technology supporting Second Life. However Second Life is still very relevant for the project, especially if you see it in a perspective where technology is allowed to improve. Second Life has an already established user-community and the grid enables interconnected collaboration and almost unlimited technical possibilities. So even though the technology isn't mature, the grid already has its advantages.

Which has very good intentions on how to use Second Life and its community, they don't fully succeed though because they do not have something to offer the users in return. Therefore the users do not get involved in the project.To look at a case of an ongoing successful presence in SL that manages to build an active user community we investigated Pontiac. Motorati as Pontiac's presence in SL is named relies on mainly competitions and customization. Users can customize there own vehicles and compete in races organized by Motorati which is of value for Pontiac in the ideas and user involvement they achieve but also just as general marketing.Adlast we looked into how Keystone Buchard and some of the projects he is involved in mannages to use SL. He is a pioneer in using SL in his field which is very relevant for Building Lab DK.

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