Space Navigator

Space NavigatorI recently purchased Space Navigator from 3D Connexion. The product arrived in a little heavy package, and the product within seemed to be of genuine quality. I ignored the bundled software and installed the most recent driver from

I fired up Google Earth and got the tool working smoothly and quickly learned to navigate with it. Later i tried in in Google sketch up where it seems to be less intuitive to use. But I'm confident i will learn it eventually.

What i was more interested in was to get the tool running in Blender and Second Life. Second Life is not supported by the tool but it seems to be possible through using Space Navigator with a joystick driver - i wonder if i can use it for a flight simulator.

Driver for Space Navigator Space Navigator with SL - SL wiki

So it seems from these resources that the recipe for getting Second Life, windows and space navigator working together will work with Tenebrous settings for the RBC9 driver. I have yet to try that on my PC. But what I'm more interested in is to get it working on my Macbook Pro.

There seems to be a similar solution to the one on windows with the software Controller Mate. I have yet to try that as well but before i will try to find a free driver available for mac. Especially since i expect 3D Connexion to do something about their Second Life support eventually.

Meanwhile i discovered that a beta plugin for blender was released yesterday so I'm downloading that now.

I will keep you updated on my results later.