Atmospheric Rendering - Can i turn it off?

Atmospheric Rendering is coming to Second Life and will along with the water, the trees, the day/night thing, the land, the human like avatars and the gravity inspired up and down way of navigating create an even more Realistic World.

Your World Your Imagination or ad least that is what they say about Second Life. Perhaps it should be "Your World - and this is a not so detailed copy".

As i have been developing Accident Designs in Second Life i have moved away from the boundaries of the world as we know it. Often there is absolutely no reason realistic should be used as a positive description of virtual content, mostly the term realistic simply means lag of imagination. However there can be good reasons to create realistic content and in those cases i truly appreciate technology to make wind, weather graphics, trees, gravity, physics, ad so on.

But ad default id like unlimited freedom to express my imagination. I can imagine more than clouds and i can imagine more than plain terrain. Generally there is a vast amount of discovered and undiscovered possibilities that has no need for realism and might actually need the lag of it. Realism as it is implemented now in Second Life is not a possibility it is not freedom of imagination. It is a limitation. It is a limitation to your imagination and a limitation to your ability to create what you imagine if you should come as far as to imagine more than a brick house or a beautifull sunset.

I would like my ideal virtual world to support developers imagination and not confine it to a predefined themed space. It should offer the technology to create realism if needed but the default space should be confined to nothing and should be themed only by the term 3D. New and should not be known as islands. Water heights and land texture should not be a concern unless the user chooses it to be. One of the greatest limitations as now is the default appearance as a humanoid avatar, and especially the way you seem to fly around SL as if gravity really existed. Why do our avatars have to orientate the same way all over the grid.

To give room for imagination and creativity in order to evolve beyond the boundaries of First Live. We must first make sure we do not confine ourselves to a First Life environment.