Accident Designs in Blender

Recently i downloaded the open source 3d content creation suite Blender learning the interface and then i made my first project. I took Accident Desig. I spend a dayns logo and added a 3rd dimension. :D

I really enjoy working in Blender the interface is elegant and intuitive. The possibilities are endless. And then theres is easy access to tons of helpful tutorials and other resources.

I am quite sure i am going to do a lot more work in blender in the future, especially as the current primitive system of Second Life develops. Soon i expect to be able to export images for sculpted prims to the main grid. I also downloaded a plug in for Blender enabling me to work with the current primitive system of Second Life externally in Blender an afterwards making it possible to upload the creations through some lsl scripts and a notecard containing the primitive parameters. Seems brilliant however so far it have done nothing but crashing blender. I will look into it again and see if i can find a solution and get it working.

I have yet to try and make my logo in to a sculptie. Stay tuned for my results:D

Guide to sculpties in Blender
Second Life wiki about sculpties
prim.blender - external Second Life modelling and importer