Uniting Generations?

Teens are proposing a unification of the Teen Grid and Main Grid. Meanwhile Linden Lab are implementing restrictions to unverified accounts. Will the teen grid and main grid ever be united?

To fully unite the grids the US law would have to change, so Linden Lab and companies wouldn't be immediately sued, or Second Life would need to be released open source because an open source release wouldn't comply to us law since you can't define where it "exists".

The change of US law is probably not going to happen anytime soon, however an open source release might not be so far of in the future.

The solution that could be implemented quite soon would be too allow everyone both teens and adults on to the pg rated servers. Teen servers could still exist here no adults would be allowed and mature servers would still exist here no teens would be allowed. That would make it possible for anyone to meet within second life and it would make it would make way for a united market.

This would be a step ahead however my goal is a space where every age is allowed everywhere that includes not only adults and teens but also the children.

Know More: http://www.alexharbinger.com/blog/ http://www.holymeatballs.org/ http://blog.secondlife.com/2007/05/04/age-and-indentity-verification-in-second-life/