Cloning Real Life - Think further than your source of inspiration

Some years ago Linden Lab saw the possibilities of a metaverse as in Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash. Knowing that they had created a limitless world they created grass for people to walk on. Soon people all around the world signed up and created their own avatars. Few were walking around as furies angels or bots. But a lot of people created a virtual replica of an ordinary real life person. These virtual avatars moved into there new homes build on a strong foundation made of virtual concrete though now gravity exists.

Generally it seems that the Second Life citizens are duplicating reality. Perhaps we want to visualise our real life dreams. Ad least it seems we are amazed with realism and that our interpretation of realism as a description of SL's content is commonly positive.

I believe that some of the reason for our strive to make SL just the same as RL resides in our imagination. Every new idea is based on inspiration, the originality of the idea depends on our minds ability to travel away from our source of inspiration. Most of us naturally have our inspiration IRL.

Therefore i try to get my inspiration from other sources. I could build a realistic house and afterwords decide what its going to contain, but instead i try to figure out how a place should function. When i know that i let the function and contents inspire me. In all cases i seek inspiration from unconventional sources and that usually brings me to a better and more original result.

I believe Second Life is going to move away from reality and that accident designs and other developers will continue to find new uses for the new dimension.

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